About Brood

If you’ve navigated to this point of the site, ten points for you! You’re either a big fan of broodsoda.com or you’ve finished the internet. Nice work, time to pop some bubbly for your effervescent self!

Here’s the story. BROOD was founded in Durham, North Carolina, by Jon Lehman in the year 1492 (more or less... no importa). If you’ve been to Durm, you know it’s a great city and we aren’t down with boring things or bad food. Now we aren’t sayin’ the P-word or the C-word are boring or bad, but we just chose to take a different road.

And thus, building on the simple premise that old kids, like his buddy Rood Boy, deserve quality beyond corn syrup, Jon set out to make something worthwhile of his undead friend’s timeless style. The result is Carbonated Greatness and it’s all handcrafted and bottled in-house.

Rood Boy’s got a dark sense of humor that encourages us to take risks and have fun with our flavors. We couldn’t very well choose one or two taste profiles, so we just produce everything that tastes good-- Seven core flavors and a bunch of limited editions and seasonals.

We don’t tout our products as healthy, though you can rest assured that we take great care in using top-notch ingredients.

Anyhow, enjoy! And thanks for being a part of this thing called BROOD Carbonated Greatness!